Champs Q&A
Host: Machele Ruiz, Program Coordinator
When: First and Third Tuesday of the Month
Description: The Q&A chat is a great place to visit if you have questions and are looking for answers. Don’t have any questions? No problem! Join to listen to other’s questions, you’ll never know what you might walk away with. We always have a great time covering a variety of topics.  The event is an open forum and will answer questions regarding Academics or the CHAMPS program.  If you have a topic you want to cover or ask, please feel free to join.
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Parents Connect
Host: Laurissa Armstead, Program Coordinator
When: Third Wednesday of the Month
Description: Parent’s Connect chat provides parent’ s the opportunity to connect and network with other Parent’s while pursuing their degree.  Parent’s Connect is brought to you once a month via zoom. The host and co-hosts bring a variety of topics each month, share tips, resources and personal experience that can help keep you organized and save you time. Some of the common topics that are covered include time management, tips for parent’s in college, life skills, recipes, crafts and so much more.  The goal of Parent’s Connect is to connect individuals together to build a network of support and share ideas on how to successfully manage a wide range of responsibilities while pursuing higher education
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Engaging Across Generations
Host: Sharon Jarman, Program Coordinator
When: Second Tuesday of the Month
Description: The Engaging Across Generations Chat is an interactive discussion hosted by Dr. Sharon B. Jarman. Champs mentors, mentees, University undergraduates, graduates, and doctoral students are welcome to participate. The chat is designed to reach across the generations to develop relationships, discuss any challenges they may be facing regarding the technology need to be a successful online student, and much more!
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Champs Chat
Host: Evan Gray, Student Success Manager
When: Last Tuesday of the Month
Description: Champs Chats are for all students, faculty and staff. To kick off the chats, we spend time connecting in fun ways via Zoom to build relationships and say hello to one another. Each chat has a theme focused on student success or professional development that is delivered by Evan Gray or a guest speaker for the evening. We close each chat with trivia!
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Watch Party
Host: Jamie King, Student Success Assistant
When: Third or Fourth Friday of the Month
Description: The CHAMPS Watch Party is designed to promote peer-to-peer interaction while creating a fun social outlet for Ashford University Students.  Students engage with each other and learn the history and fun facts surrounding the movie being shared.
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